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Retail Employees Unite!...and complain!
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Monday, March 10th, 2014
2:06 pm
Condescending Customer
I know people think its fine to behave like pigs in retail stores. Maybe because they think its our job to clean up after them so they're giving us job security. Maybe because they think they're better than us because they have some other job that is less servile or higher paid. Maybe because being cruel to helpless employees is the only way they can get their jollies, or maybe because they are under-appreciated or abused wherever they work and live so it feels good to be on top for a change. But its actually disgusting. I never did those things, not even when I was five years old. My parents taught me to clean up after myself and to treat others with respect no matter who they were. So think of whoever it is you admire most. Whoever it is that taught you self respect and kindness, be it your parents, a teacher, God, a friend, your significant other, a boss, your child...and now think of what they would think of you behaving like that. Would they be proud of you?

Have a nice day.

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
1:59 am
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
10:39 pm
Debit swipping is not rocket science, dammit.
So while randomly typing words into the find section under the interests section, while scrolling down the miles of strange and unapealing groups I see something of interest,
A community for retail workers to bitch about customers? 
How perfect I just happen to be a angry, bitching, customer loathing retail worker! YAY for anger clubs!
But anyways I do have to a brief rent but I will have to keep it short.... Since I really should be studying for a geology midterm or I risk being a angry retail worker for life but anyways. Debit machines. If I have one pet peeve its people who dont know how to swip a card. THERE IS A GOD DAMN PICTURE FORM INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BLOODY MACHINE! AAAAARGH! Key word being picture intructions, you dont even have to worry about language barriers! Ah! How many of you have run into these frustrating people before? Anyone? Am I alone in my fury against those who are card swipping challenged? I have so many people try to swipe it verticaly. I repeat vertivaly. How does one mange this, the stripe is horizontal! Or the swiping it backwards after my "stripe facing you" schpeal. Or better yet the people who acuse me for the slow loading process of the company machine. If I get one more "its not doing anything have you done what your supposed to be doing?" I think I will just beat them with a hanger. 
Oh and I work a blunotes btw.

Well thats it for now!
Thursday, October 26th, 2006
11:21 pm
Okay, so today I'm at work, serving a customer. Out of the corner of my eye I see a guy come into the store. Then, he PULLS DOWN his pants and underwear, and bends over. In our store. In a busy mall, at four o'clock in the afternoon. By now, we are all staring at the guy. Then, HE STARTS SHOVING SOMETHING UP HIS ASS. His ass. He gets it in there, pulls up his pants, does up his belt, and leaves. Doesn't look at anyone, doesn't say anything. Just strolls off down the hall. I know that Rideau Centre can be a weird place, but this was too much! I mean, who does that?

Anyways, at least we all had a good laugh. Security thought it was pretty funny too. And it's on video.
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
10:11 pm
Words cannot describe how pissed my DM is making not only me, but just about every other employee I know in the district. The following is a web-mail he posted that effectively deems various people as worthless "zeros". It's sure good to know that we are invisible unless we force wireless phones down the throats of our customers. Too bad it's not about customer service anymore.

Here are your hero's and those with zero phones for last week. I see 4 managers (how embarrassing), and 2 asst. mgrs on the zero list. How do you expect to LEAD with nothing? Tran and Russell are tops with 9 and 8, thanks for leading. I want every ZERO addressed here, and email back to that you addressed your people, list the name what their goal is this week, and that they are on board. The 4 managers and assts. Email me why you can't seem to get with the program here, and what your going to do this week, again how embarrassing.

Actually, there were others that were more demeaning, but I decided to let those stay internal.
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
1:46 am
just joined the community.
i work at a shoppers drug mart since October 2005.
love my fellow employees and my manager is definatly the best.

however the stuff ive seen, people ive dealt with and seen my fellow employee's deal with is...interesting.

story from today:

putting up and marking clearout shampoos that we no longer carry. i had a tote filled with the shampoo in a cart next to me in the aisle. older lady comes down aisle and could easily go around me. shoves her cart into mine, scrapping cart against my arm and it goes into the post by the pharmacy...her cart then tears against my back and she plows through and leaves a cut [through my shirt] on my back. thats fine. stressful day but im calm....10min later she comes back, same direction. i have moved the cart. BANG she htis me with the cart and asks where the water on sale is. i said we were sold out and she tells me off for not having enough water. meanwhile she is eating a ice cream from the cooler and leaves the wrapper, minus barcode so she could pay for it, ON TOP of the shelf with the shampoos.

...and that isnt the worse ive seen.
retail is definatly interesting.
Monday, December 26th, 2005
6:01 pm
(I meant to post this last night, but I forgot to change journals... so it went into my own.)

"What a nice community...

I'm sure tomorrow will bring a lot of joy to everyone.

I work at a Gap in a mall. Fun times!

Two stories posted in my journal a while back.Collapse )
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
12:50 am
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
12:55 pm
Greetings, everyone. I joined this community a few days ago and lo and behold, I have a story to tell. Actually, I have plenty, but this occurred yesterday, so for the moment it's more pertinent.

Anyway, I am a lowly RadioShack associate. I've been with the company for well over a year now so I can safely say I have a firm grasp on the policies as well as the selling process and its various tactics. So naturally when it was revealed to me yesterday during a mandatory employee meeting that we now had to wear a deck of cards telling us what we should already know, I was a bit perturbed. My fellow co-workers that have been with me at my store for the same span of time share my frustration.

Of course, I realize that this new tool serves as great help to new hires. I mean, if anything it'll help accelerate their learning process, my only problem is that it is mandatory to wear them. My manager even told me "if you're not wearing it, I'll make you ride the bus all the way back home to get it." That's no easy task considering that I ride the bus for two hours to get there everyday.

Personally, I hope that they're temporary and they'll be gone after fourth quarter. What do you guys think?
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
7:46 pm
This article makes me really sad:


Funny thing is.. the Montreal factory? HAH, since Mens Warehouse took over most of our stuff is now made overseas.

I love working there... but yeah... I never doubt that it is a multi-million dollar corporation

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
6:42 pm
Peter the Singer
Peter the Singer started off as an annoying customer who would constantly try to exchange merchandise, or find "defects" (completely invisible, made up defects) in the products he bought.

Anyways, one day, he tells me that he is a musician and pulls out a discman. "Check this out!" he says, and turns the volume way up. It is horrible. A mix of bad teen pop star, Celine Dion, and Willaim Hung. Anyways, I'm like "Oh, that's nice" (honestly, what else can I say?), and from that second on, I've been Peter's biggest (only?) fan.

He brings me CD's, and now visits the store DAILY. Today he saw me on my break and followed me to the studio where I do pottery and then walked me back to work. He's harmless, and doesn't freak me out at all, but is he ever annoying.

His music, though, is frikking hilarious. Keyboard beats with him recorded over top.

"So, did you like the lyrics of Just the Other Day?

"Ummm, yeah Peter, they're great."

"What's your favorite line?"

"Gosh, that's a hard question... they're all so good..."

He's also offered to sing me his unrecorded songs, like, live, in the store, when I'm working. I keep telling him that live music is banned in the mall (sounds plausible, no?), but I know that he is going to start singing one day soon, and it is going to be damn hard to keep myself from laughing. Especially in front of all my coworkers.
6:35 pm
Melted Toupée Man
Melted Toupée man is one of my favorite Rideau regulars. He walks around the first floor every morning, wearing, I swear to god, a melted toupée. It is gray, and the top of it looks like one of those green scrubbie pads for scouring dishes. Or like My Little Pony hair that is melty, bubbly, and a little burnt. And frizzy. It is one of the worst toupées I have ever seen. It is hard not to stare at it when he's in line ahead of me at Marché. Okay, I admit it. I stare. But only when he can't see me!!!

How did the toupée melt? Why hasn't he noticed!?
6:25 pm
So I have a lot of "regulars" at my store. I work on the first floor of Rideau Centre, so that should give you an idea of the kind of people that I deal with on a day to day basis. Although Rideau is full of whack jobs, I actually have my own following, my own group of, umm, friends, who come by the store on a regular basis. These people, dear audience, are much, much stranger than your average Rideau shoppers. I'll introduce you to a few of them in my next postings.
Friday, July 1st, 2005
10:18 pm
Let me start off by saying I work for Sear's Teleservice....

begin rant here.. excuse my lack of grammar due to blinding rage while typing it out.Collapse )
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:36 pm
hey, just wanted to say hi.

I work at a Starbucks and Bluenotes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I just started the bluenotes job but im a veteran at Starbucks, so I'll have plenty of stories... -_-

anyways just wanted another outlet to vent to!
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
2:00 pm
six degrees of Livejournal!
Hey its me. Sorry Mike, i forgot about your community.

Anywho, i just remembered about it because i addedOriana and saw she was in this community. What a small internet world.

So lets talk about the oddness that was this morning and the scary Gap recruitment system! Seriously, i am scared. The Gap is trying to take over the world! I already kind of knew this, but this morning's "meeting" confirmed all suspicions. All i could think about was that episode of South Park where Cartman starts a fan club for The Passion of the Christ and he tries to execute the Jews. I know its kind of a sketchy correlation but it has to be said.

Its just way too intense to be able to write about my morning. Words are not strong enough to describe my feelings.

Carry on!
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
11:42 pm
Setting: High end jewelry store. Glass cases. Glass mirrors. Giant glass vases filled with bamboo sitting on stone floor beside huge glass windows. Lots of sharp edges and breakable objects.

Enter: A woman and her three boys ages 4-8.

This woman comes into our store today with her three little horrors. The boys start off by running in circles, shrieking, around, and around, and around our store. The woman is getting prices on jewelry and pays no attention. Annoying yes, but we can deal.

Then the kids start rocking our tall (three foot? four foot?) glass vases and pulling on the bamboo poles that are inside them. I'm pretty nice to them, I explain that it's not safe to play with the vases, etc. etc.

Then the little one pulls a mirror off the counter and I say "Don't play with the mirrors please, it's not safe". The mom is watching but not saying anything. Then she watches as the buys all run behind the cash area and I try to shoo them out, but they pay zero attention to me. I felt like a sheep dog trying to herd a bunch of schizophrenic sheep.

I very pointedly say "PLEASE GO STAND BESIDE YOUR MOTHER AND DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" In response the mom say "Mmphh-mmphh" to them, which they ignore.

They run around for a bit longer, pushing each other into our six thousand dollar per unit glass cases. Finally, they chase each other out into the mall, across the hall to a bakery/sandwich to go place. The littlest one then open a freezer full of frozen fruit bars, CLIMBS HALFWAY IN, steals a bar, and starts eating it. The cashiers are both busy with customers and don't see what is happening. The mother is still in my store looking at rings, and hasn't noticed that her kids are gone.

When she finally goes to find them, she starts yelling at the cashier of the bakery. "You should have been watching my kids, I'm not paying for the fruit bar, you should be looking after my boys!" The casier is just staring at this woman like "What the fuck???!!!"

Anyways, I wish people would look after their children in a half-decent manner. I mean, who can blame kids for being hyperactive psychos when the only thing their mom seems to say is "Mmmphh"? Honestly!

Also, what is with fake-tanned Paris Hilton look alikes bringing thier nasty, ugly, little lap dogs into malls? Yesterday they was one running around in our store off the leash! Sheesh people!
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
10:53 pm
yay, someplace I can bitch. *claps*

So, the other day, I got told that, pretty much, I'm too personable with customers *blinks* and that I spend too much time assisting them. Ummmmm... it's not like we're busy, and when we are busy, I multitask and chat less.

HOW DARE I TALK TO CUSTOMERS AND BE NICE TO THEM! What a horrible, incompetent bitch I am! (there was sarcasm there)

the company I work for is nuts I tell you, nuts! blahhhh. *goes insane*
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