I Have A Crush on Every Boy! (whitetrash) wrote in sianspherica,
I Have A Crush on Every Boy!

six degrees of Livejournal!

Hey its me. Sorry Mike, i forgot about your community.

Anywho, i just remembered about it because i addedOriana and saw she was in this community. What a small internet world.

So lets talk about the oddness that was this morning and the scary Gap recruitment system! Seriously, i am scared. The Gap is trying to take over the world! I already kind of knew this, but this morning's "meeting" confirmed all suspicions. All i could think about was that episode of South Park where Cartman starts a fan club for The Passion of the Christ and he tries to execute the Jews. I know its kind of a sketchy correlation but it has to be said.

Its just way too intense to be able to write about my morning. Words are not strong enough to describe my feelings.

Carry on!
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