Teena ♥ Joey (nowheregone) wrote in sianspherica,
Teena ♥ Joey

Let me start off by saying I work for Sear's Teleservice....

What this means is that when somebody has a broken appliance (ie. washer, dryer, fridge, a/c, etc.), they call me.. and I set up service for a technician to come to the customer's home.. yada yada. I also receive different calls about warranties, (which I can't answer about 99% of the time) or credit limits on their Sear's cards.. which I also have no access to. What annoys me most if when a customer calls in and doesn't treat me like a human being. For instance, someone called in asking me to tell them how much credit they had left on their sear's card...
sorry ma'am I don't have that information, may I place you on hold for a moment while I transfer you to our credit department?
what do you MEAN you don't have access you stupid little twit, YOU WORK FOR SEAR'S DON'T YOU??
If I had access why would I say I need to transfer you? Trust me people, I don't sit here at work just trying to find little ways to PISS YOU OFF. Another thing, the next available date sometimes may be a little far off.. or maybe the time (8-12 or 1-5) doesn't work for the customer. Well I also have saturday available.. is that more convenient for you? NO!. Okay.. so I try to work with the customer to schedule a date, to no avail, it's obviously going nowhere, and they insist me to force in a date which I can't do..they finally ask to speak to a manager.. now here is the thing about Sear's teleservice managers, they can't do SHIT TO HELP YOU WITH CUSTOMERS. all they do is basically tell you "there's nothing i can do about it, hang up on them" hello?? that's not very nice, i mean come on this customers fridge is busted down, they have no food left, yeah i feel for them, and i know theres nothing else i can do, it'd be nice if the manager would atleast help me out by doing his job. that's not the customer's fault i know..

OHHH what I HATE most is when a customer calls in regarding a previous service order which is still waiting for parts to ship, the customer doesn't seem to understand the concept of BACKORDERED, or TAKES 4-6 BUSINESS DAYS. yes i KNOW you want the part, yes i KNOW it's inconvenient, what would you like me to do?? pull the part out of my ASS? there is NOTHING i can do about that. UGHHHHHH

that's the end of my rant for today. stay tuned for more, there are always idiot customers to talk about.

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