gray_snail (gray_snail) wrote in sianspherica,

Peter the Singer

Peter the Singer started off as an annoying customer who would constantly try to exchange merchandise, or find "defects" (completely invisible, made up defects) in the products he bought.

Anyways, one day, he tells me that he is a musician and pulls out a discman. "Check this out!" he says, and turns the volume way up. It is horrible. A mix of bad teen pop star, Celine Dion, and Willaim Hung. Anyways, I'm like "Oh, that's nice" (honestly, what else can I say?), and from that second on, I've been Peter's biggest (only?) fan.

He brings me CD's, and now visits the store DAILY. Today he saw me on my break and followed me to the studio where I do pottery and then walked me back to work. He's harmless, and doesn't freak me out at all, but is he ever annoying.

His music, though, is frikking hilarious. Keyboard beats with him recorded over top.

"So, did you like the lyrics of Just the Other Day?

"Ummm, yeah Peter, they're great."

"What's your favorite line?"

"Gosh, that's a hard question... they're all so good..."

He's also offered to sing me his unrecorded songs, like, live, in the store, when I'm working. I keep telling him that live music is banned in the mall (sounds plausible, no?), but I know that he is going to start singing one day soon, and it is going to be damn hard to keep myself from laughing. Especially in front of all my coworkers.
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