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(I meant to post this last night, but I forgot to change journals... so it went into my own.)

"What a nice community...

I'm sure tomorrow will bring a lot of joy to everyone.

I work at a Gap in a mall. Fun times!

Yesterday, a man came out of the change rooms and handed me a pair of underwear that he didn't want. I gave him an, "Okay, thanks!", and then turned the corner and told my Fitting-Room-Co-worker.... unsure of what to do, I went to find a manager, who was equally shocked and disgusted. We didn't know what to do, so we differred to another manager, who told us to re-package it if he tried it on over his underwear, which he said he did. We left it on a shelf in the backroom for somebody less informed to deal with.

I was folding a stack of clothes one day, and a middle aged woman came towards me.

"Excuse me, do you have any measuring tape?"

"Yes we do, I'll go grab that for you."

I went to find it, and then came back to find that the woman now had her teenage son with her. Older teenage, as in, maybe he should be thinking of shopping for his own clothes teenage.

"Would you measure my son's waist? And his legs?"
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Lol. Could you please put the "I work in a Gap in a mall" into context? That sounds hilarious.
It isn't funny at all. There's no oxygen, and the mall isn't near anything else... unless I feel like going to Denny's or a car dealership. Or Futureshop. The people that shop at that Gap are afraid of going downtown for whatever reason... which is odd, considering downtown is not only one of the safer areas of town, but is also the tourist area of a tourist city.

The flourescent lighting is also bothersome.
Yes... but what does that have to do with working at a Gap?
Oh, it's jsut worse than working in a Gap that isn't in a mall.
Malls are gross.