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just joined the community.
i work at a shoppers drug mart since October 2005.
love my fellow employees and my manager is definatly the best.

however the stuff ive seen, people ive dealt with and seen my fellow employee's deal with is...interesting.

story from today:

putting up and marking clearout shampoos that we no longer carry. i had a tote filled with the shampoo in a cart next to me in the aisle. older lady comes down aisle and could easily go around me. shoves her cart into mine, scrapping cart against my arm and it goes into the post by the pharmacy...her cart then tears against my back and she plows through and leaves a cut [through my shirt] on my back. thats fine. stressful day but im calm....10min later she comes back, same direction. i have moved the cart. BANG she htis me with the cart and asks where the water on sale is. i said we were sold out and she tells me off for not having enough water. meanwhile she is eating a ice cream from the cooler and leaves the wrapper, minus barcode so she could pay for it, ON TOP of the shelf with the shampoos.

...and that isnt the worse ive seen.
retail is definatly interesting.
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