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Debit swipping is not rocket science, dammit.

So while randomly typing words into the find section under the interests section, while scrolling down the miles of strange and unapealing groups I see something of interest,
A community for retail workers to bitch about customers? 
How perfect I just happen to be a angry, bitching, customer loathing retail worker! YAY for anger clubs!
But anyways I do have to a brief rent but I will have to keep it short.... Since I really should be studying for a geology midterm or I risk being a angry retail worker for life but anyways. Debit machines. If I have one pet peeve its people who dont know how to swip a card. THERE IS A GOD DAMN PICTURE FORM INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BLOODY MACHINE! AAAAARGH! Key word being picture intructions, you dont even have to worry about language barriers! Ah! How many of you have run into these frustrating people before? Anyone? Am I alone in my fury against those who are card swipping challenged? I have so many people try to swipe it verticaly. I repeat vertivaly. How does one mange this, the stripe is horizontal! Or the swiping it backwards after my "stripe facing you" schpeal. Or better yet the people who acuse me for the slow loading process of the company machine. If I get one more "its not doing anything have you done what your supposed to be doing?" I think I will just beat them with a hanger. 
Oh and I work a blunotes btw.

Well thats it for now!
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