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I've been serving the customer for 4 years. First 3 years in a grocery store. One year in an express store. 2 months at a Sears in Lansing, MI. I got fired from my first job on saturday. I'm not a bad employee. I'm almost always on time (i made a mistake once). I'm very good at pretend nice. I've got a beautiful fake smile. I'm helpful. And I cover shifts when needed.

When I hired in they told me I'd have at least 15 hours a week, which was fine, the holidays were coming, I was sure i'd have more hours then that.

At first I was working over 25 hours a week, pushing the sears card on every customer I rang up. Most declined the awesome offer of saving $15 dollars off their first sears credit statement.

Slowly my hours began to drop. First down to 13, which wasn't bad... it was only 2 hours less then they said i'd be getting. Followed by 2 weeks with 8 hours a piece (that's when I started looking for a new job). The following week I was only scheduled 7 hours... not enough to pay bills, buy food, go christmas shopping, or even to buy booze to drink my sorrows away.

I didn't finish college. What I was looking for was a career, not the worst job experience ever. I was looking for a company I could be with for years and Sears was shaping into the perfect job for a 16 year old. A job for the kind of person who only has 7 hours a week between school and being social to devote to work.

Still part of me was hoping that the hours would pick up. Wednesday of last week, Juan, The Cac Lead told me he had to see me for my 60 day evaluation. "Sweet, I've already been here for 60 days!" He told me he didn't have time to talk to me about it then, but that he'd do my evaluation the next day i worked.

Saturday I went into work very excited. Paid my sears card bills in full before starting work. I still had time to roam around before i had to punch in so I looked at the schedule..... which I wasn't on.

I went out on the floor to find Juan.

"Is there a reason I'm not on the schedule next week?" I ask all shaky and upset.
"Yeah, I'll talk to you about it when I'm not busy."
I exit the store because I know something is wrong and I start crying my eyes out in the parking lot, where I called my fiance.

"I'm not on the schedule for next week and i don't know whats going on." I'm doing the hyperventilation cry as I talk to my sweetheart. He was telling me not to cry, that everything is fine.
"Go find out what's going on, and if there canning you come home. That job was lame anyway, fuck them."

I go back inside, 4 minutes before i'm supposed to punch in, and track down Mr. 40 Hours A Week Cac Lead.

"Can you tell me why i'm not on the schedule now so I can know if it's worth me punching in or not."
He tells me to take a seat in the interview room.

He comes in and tells me that they can't keep me past my initial 60 days because hours for the store were cut so there weren't enough hours to go around.

I left the store in convulsive tears. Not finishing my last shift.

I guess I wasn't the only one to get fired at that time, but they are still hiring, and there were newer people working there then I, I feel should have lost their jobs before me. There is a sign on the door that says there looking for holiday help.

And oh how much money the company wastes; two weeks of paid training... just to be fired a month and a half later.

I don't plan on ever entering a Sears store again, and neither will anyone I know.

What is it they say? "For every dissatisfied customer that leaves the store 5 never come back"?

They lost way more then 5 customers saturday.
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